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  • Navigate's People First Podcast: Time to get personal about employee wellbeing - Special guest Todd Hlasney

Navigate's People First Podcast: Time to get personal about employee wellbeing - Special guest Todd Hlasney

  • Date posted

    Jun 29, 2023

Not every podcast can make the connection between ultramarathoning and working in HR. Today you will get precisely that, and so much more, on the latest installment of Navigate’s People First Podcast.
Todd Hlasney, Senior Vice President and Director-Health Risk Solutions at Lockton, reveals these similarities by noting the need for an open mindset and adaptability, among other traits, in both endeavors. Together with Troy and Jeremy, he takes listeners on a journey through the ever-evolving world of wellbeing.

Our trio then dive into the crucial nature of aligning corporate culture with the structure to create compelling benefit packages and the importance of adopting a holistic wellbeing approach in the process.

Throughout the episode, great emphasis is placed upon the importance of embracing change, engaging employees, and creating hyper-personalized pathways for optimal wellbeing outcomes—all key ingredients in putting people first.

Episode highlights

  • Embracing change and a holistic approach to wellbeing in the post-COVID world
  • Ultramarathoning: A parallel to HR challenges and embracing discomfort for personal growth
  • Lockton People Solutions
  • Corporate culture alignment with employee wellbeing and individual needs
  • Personalization and efficiency in Total Health for engagement and optimized outcomes
  • Addressing challenges of obesity medication and the importance of behavioral health
  • Cultural connection for managing risks and fostering overall wellbeing


"Change is an integral part of life, and embracing it is essential for personal and professional growth."

"We want to be seen as a valued advisor, helping clients solve problems and improve their overall business."

"Engaging employees in the right things is crucial; engagement for the sake of engagement doesn't work."

"Hyper-personalization and focusing on individual needs are key to driving positive employee experiences and optimizing wellbeing."

"We care about that individual… but we also know that's going to have a tremendous impact financially on the organizations that we support."

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