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Financial wellbeing begins with confidence

Achieving financial certainty is only possible with education, comprehension, and the tools to leverage that knowledge. Navigate helps people do it all.

Employees are stressed about finances—and it's costing employers cash.

Financially stressed employees spend an average of 3 working hours per week managing personal finances and are 76% more likely to seek out companies that support financial wellbeing.

80 %

of employees expect their employer to offer a financial health solution

Our approach to financial certainty

Some employees are concerned with financing their children's education, while others might be focused on retirement. Help them achieve what matters most to them.

  • A trusted and strategic partner, every step of the way

  • A configurable solution that meets any organization's needs

  • Make data-backed decisions to improve engagement with real-time tracking and reports

Wellbeing resources

Everything employees need to make healthy, informed financial decisions


  • Financial coaching
  • Group & personal challenges
  • Pulse financial wellbeing surveys
  • Course learning
  • Benefit incentive tracking

Benefits navigation

Financial benefits can seem confusing. Our platform makes it easy.


  • Connections to 401(k) and dashboard
  • Link to payroll information and forms
  • Reminders and notifications

Marketplace & integrations

Financial stress is real. We're doing something about it with Your Money Line.

  • Financial dashboards with calculators, courses, tools, and customized learning paths for each employee.
  • Answers to employees’ specific financial questions and expert advice for their unique situations.
  • Quarterly live, recorded web events and Q&As.
  • Group and individual financial challenges to encourage healthy money management.

Rewards & incentives

Financial rewards can go far beyond bonuses


  • Rewards mall and lifestyle benefits through marketplace partnerships
  • Insurance premium reductions
  • Prize raffles
  • Additional PTO hours
  • Company swag items

Communications & marketing

Inform and educate your employees about their financial wellbeing


  • Alert employees about 401(k) contributions
  • Send informative articles and videos
  • Promote financial resources
  • Prompt enrollments and sign-ups

Discover how to remain financially secure in chaos

In this video, financial expert Peter Dunn offers viewers tips and resources to help them remain stable and balanced during times of financial chaos.

Reduce employee stress with financial wellbeing.

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