Wellbeing solutions right-sized for your needs

The platform tiers

Connecting you to a wellbeing solution that fits your needs

Navigate’s wellbeing programs and technology are made for every size and type of organization. And they all come with the industry’s best support.


Just getting started? This ready-made solution is the perfect way to kickstart your organization’s wellbeing journey.


  • Behavior tracking
  • Sync with 20+ top apps and wearable devices
  • Dynamic, real-time admin reporting dashboard
  • Annually updated group challenges
  • 60+ personal wellbeing challenges
  • Marketing materials
  • Automated marketing campaigns and ad hoc
  • Event scheduling tool
  • Library of articles, recipes, and videos
  • Access to an online rewards mall
  • In-house participant customer service


The Optimized platform is perfect for the whole-person, whole-company, whole-community approach. It's fully configurable and matched precisely to your organization’s unique goals and culture.

Everything in Fundamental, plus:

  • Support from our Implementation Specialists
  • Customized incentive tracking table
  • 20+ additional video learning courses
  • Holistic tools and resources to support mental health, financial wellness, and more
  • Tailored give back opportunities

Optimized Plus

This platform is designed to help you take charge of your whole-person wellbeing and matched precisely to your organization’s unique needs with clinical-based programming.

Everything in Optimized, plus:

  • Clinical based results
  • Reasonable alternatives
  • Health advocacy

Looking for a personalized platform?

Help employees feel better, by feeling cared for

Total Health™ helps employers show they care by offering what employees are looking for. Blending employee purpose with company purpose, Total Health creates personalized paths to wellbeing that drive incremental change and create lasting results.

Navigate Total Health™

Offer every employee a personal, configurable path to holistic wellbeing. The Total Health program uses unique technology to build personalized recommendations for each participant based on their lifestyle, medical history, biometrics, and personal goals.

Connect employees to resources that make the greatest impact

  • Health coaching and on-demand learning
  • Incentives, challenges, and engagement tools
  • Access to your company benefits
  • Track team/individual progress and engagement
  • Monitor organization-wide biometric risk trends 

Learn more Total Health™

Our small business solution

A comprehensive gateway to employee engagement for organizations of any size

With the right approach, any organization can create a culture of care and an environment that encourages growth and development for the whole-person.


Employees enjoy holistic programs and engaging group challenges while HR teams save time with a detailed admin dashboard.


  • Annually updated group challenges
  • Wellbeing Survey
  • Dynamic, real-time admin reporting dashboard
  • Marketing materials
  • Event scheduling tool
  • Library of articles, recipes, and videos
  • In-house participant customer service
  • Sync with 20+ top apps and wearable devices
  • Download the Navigate Wellbeing app


Solutions tailored just for you. We help you create an easy-to-use wellbeing, engagement, and benefits hub with helpful tools for you and holistic programming for your employees.

Everything included in Engage, plus:

  • Customized incentive tracking table
  • Support from our implementation specialist
  • 60+ personal wellbeing challenges
  • Automated marketing campaigns and ad hoc
  • Access to an online rewards mall
  • Holistic tools and resources to support mental health, financial wellness, and more

Our service model

Strategic partnership and support, every step of the way

Our industry-leading support is much bigger than customer service—it’s our entire approach. Simply put, we are here to help you. We are your strategic partners, responsive problem-solvers, and close teammates. We care about your program and its success as much as you do.

  • 1

    Discovery & kickoff

    We listen and learn about your needs, values, and goals. We seek to understand your benefits ecosystem and culture. Taking all that into consideration, we help you create new efficiencies and explore bigger possibilities.

  • 2

    Portal & program design

    We work together to build the right wellbeing strategy and program for your population today and set you on a path towards where you want to be tomorrow.

  • 3

    Marketing & communications

    They won’t use it if they don’t know about it. We set your program up for success with custom communication materials to promote your new resources.

  • 4

    Review, testing, & sign-off

    We run through a demo of your platform together and finalize details to make sure it’s everything it needs to be.

  • 5

    Administrative training

    We teach you how to use the dashboard to pull real-time data and analytics, so you’ll feel well-trained and ready to go.

  • 6

    Go live

    At launch, we’re in close contact to answer any questions you or your employees have, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • 7

    Ongoing support

    We continue to build and adapt your program with you, and our in-house customer service team is on call to help participants with any questions or issues.

Let’s build your health and happiness engine