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Comprehensive data to inform your wellbeing strategy

Navigate is an insights-driven solution with the real-time data you need to build a meaningful, engaging program for your teams and your organization.

Measure the ROI of your wellbeing program

Employee wellbeing is an investment in real people that yields tangible results. Navigate helps organizations make informed decisions, so they are always providing their people with what matters most.

  • Navigate offers more than just a wellness program; it provides a solution to the many wellness needs from a wellness administration perspective. The Navigate dashboard gives me data at a click of a button, so I can run reports and engage with employees easily and quickly.

Insights for motivation and engagement

Get the data and insights you need to achieve employee and company goals—all from a single, easy to use dashboard.


  • Risk stratification analysis
  • Incentive management
  • Biometric data integration
  • Wellbeing program tracking
  • Challenge reports
  • Wellbeing surveys

Insights for organizational goals and strategies

Navigate offers the tools to help set, measure, and evolve programs across each of The 8 Pillars of Wellbeing, configurable to every organization.


  • Real-time analytics dashboard 
  • Robust reporting suite that can be saved, scheduled, and downloaded
  • Comprehensive annual executive summary
  • It’s not just about wellness programs or about what Navigate does. It’s about the things I can take as an HR leader to my employees, to my associates overall, about improving their own lives.

Programs designed to hit your bottom lines.

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