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So many ways to help employees be well

Navigate connects employees to more health, happiness, and wellbeing with a comprehensive engagement and resource hub—all in one platform, all personalized to your company's goals.

Navigate Health Coaching

Navigate’s one-on-one health coaching supports and empowers your people, so they can take a proactive approach towards holistic health and drive improvements for your bottom line.

When employees have the resources they want, they use them. Engaged workplaces see:

23 %

More profits than their less engaged counterparts

81 %

Decrease in absenteeism and a 14% increase in productivity

18 %

Increase in sales compared to less engaged companies

Wellbeing resources at a personalized pace

Engage employees with a variety of resources personalized for their wellbeing journey.


  • Group and personal challenges
  • Navigate Health Coaching
  • Wellbeing article database
  • Fitness video database
  • Video-based learning courses with quizzes and action plans
  • Recipe database and meal planners
  • NavigateYOU personality assessment

Motivation from all angles

Some people are self-motivated while others need group accountability or rewards to achieve their goals. Navigate offers a wealth of resources to help individuals create a personalized path for their wellbeing.


  • Wellbeing program incentive tracking
  • Group and personal challenges
  • Wellbeing surveys
  • Snap challenges
  • Social wall and photo gallery
  • Gym check-in

Support along the entire journey

Navigate provides support for both the organization and the individual, from insights to integrations, so that everyone gets exactly what they need to accomplish common goals.


  • Dedicated account management team
  • Administrator resource center
  • Call center support
  • Program strategy support
  • Wellbeing program incentive tracking table
  • Personalized health coaching
  • Wearable device/app integration
  • Local food deals
  • Year-round health tracker
  • Navigate has created a wellbeing hub that fully encompasses all aspects of health and wellness. And their service team is phenomenal.  As a big organization, we work with hundreds of vendors. Navigate is consistently a favorite.

  • Our company transitioned to Navigate in 2020, and it has been the best partnership. Navigate provides resources for every level–not only limited to fitness. It is wonderful that we can work on finances, meditation, recipes, training guides, etc. The Navigate team has been wonderful and made us feel welcome. I look forward to the years to come.

  • The addition of the Navigate program to our offerings proved much more successful than the original goal. Engagement in our population’s challenges increased by 150% and our employees find value in doing personal challenges, as well as using the other resources available on the site. Navigate is the perfect complement to our program

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