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Incentives and rewards to boost engagement and participation

Navigate's mix of program inclusions, achievable goals, and robust reward options improves the success rate of your wellbeing program.

Incentivized employees perform better

Motivated employees reach specific goals faster and more completely, show improved performance, and have higher productivity rates.

Engage and inspire with innovative rewards

All work and no play? Not on our watch. Navigate's diverse mix of rewards and incentives boosts employee engagement and program success.

+20 %

Participation in wellness programs

The right incentives for your people, and your organization

Navigate works hand-in-hand with your organization to create an incentive management plan that is tailored, trackable, and provides data driven results.


  • Incentive program design
  • Completion awards
  • Program progress tracking
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Social wall and peer recognition
  • Group and individual challenge tracking
  • Video learning tracking
  • Wellbeing Survey
  • Biometric display
  • Physician forms and annual physical tracking
  • Client-specific program requirements and incentive tracking
  • Age/gender screening
  • Tobacco affidavit
  • Population segment programs

Configurable incentives that inspire engagement 

We help you design incentive plans that align with your organization’s culture and goals, so employees are motivated to finish what they started.


  • Rewards mall and lifestyle benefits through marketplace partnerships
  • Insurance premium reductions
  • Prize raffles 
  • Additional PTO hours
  • Company swag items

Retain, recruit, and engage with Navigate.

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