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Spark employee purpose in the workplace

We provide resources to help employees develop their career and life skills, identify their passions and talents, and create a roadmap to reach their goals.

Inspire a more purpose-driven workforce

You be the purpose-guided employer today’s employees are looking for—and Navigate can help. How? By offering holistic resources, genuine leadership, and flexible work arrangements that support work-life balance.

82 %

of employees believe it’s important their company has a purpose that contributes to meaningful work

Wellbeing resources

Resources to find and achieve purpose


  • Video learning and article database
  • Career coaching
  • Personal and group challenges
  • Personality assessment

Benefits navigation

Deeper engagement with your company’s career center


  • Connections to 401(k) and dashboard
  • Notifications for events and training opportunities
  • Access to employee handbook

Marketplace & integrations

Select career and financial add-ons and resources

  • Your Money Line education and tools
  • NavigateYOU personal and team assessment surveys

Rewards & incentives

Purpose-driven rewards and incentives


  • Program engagement rewards
  • Rewards mall and lifestyle benefits
  • Benefit and custom incentive tracking tables

Reporting & analytics

Tracking employee growth and fulfillment


  • Pulse Surveys
  • Professional goal tracking
  • Send congratulations and special announcements
  • Educate people about local events and community opportunities

Communications & marketing

Personalized communication for personal goals


  • Create a professional growth dialogue
  • Notify employees of new job openings
  • Send reminders of internal resources like continuing education
  • Send helpful articles, tips, and advice

Build a purpose-driven culture your employees will brag about

You can be the purpose-guided employer today’s employees are looking for—and your wellbeing program can help.

Spark more purpose and passion in your
people today.

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