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Achieve balance with meaningful mental health solutions

From stress and anxiety to other mental health conditions, help your people feel better by feeling cared for.

Employee mental health matters

Providing essential mental health resources, while creating a culture of acceptance and understanding, is essential to fostering a holistically healthy workforce.

86 %

of U.S. employees say it's important to focus on mental health in company culture

Our approach to mental health & balance

Emotional wellbeing resources that make a difference. Promote healthier habits and routines–both in the workplace and at home.

  • Personalized resources that meet employees exactly where they are

  • Accept & integrate data from your benefits and other partners

  • Integrate with carrier and third party benefits, resources, and solutions

Wellbeing resources

Configurable resources for employee mental health


  • Video learning
  • Mental health coaching
  • Personal and group challenges
  • Wellbeing surveys
  • Social engagement

Benefits navigation

Increase awareness of your existing mental health benefits


  • Connection to health plans
  • PTO requests integration
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Flexible work hours

Marketplace & integrations

Expanded mental wellbeing add-ons and resources

  • Findhelp.org - local social services locator
  • Total Brain - EAP resource connection if needed
  • Burnalong - group classes and communities
  • NavigateYOU - personal and team assessment surveys

Rewards & incentives

Make mental wellbeing a rewarding priority


  • Program engagement rewards
  • Rewards mall and lifestyle benefits
  • Benefit incentive tracking table and custom incentive tracking
  • Extra PTO and wellbeing days

Reporting & analytics

Monitor and strategize mental health programming


  • Wellbeing surveys
  • Claims data and benefits usage
  • Program completion tracking

Communications & marketing

Provide education and create a dialogue about mental health 


  • Send periodic mental health surveys
  • Inform your employees of available mental health resources
  • Offer safe communication about mental health
  • Proactively communicate mental health awareness

Putting good intentions into action

Whether you already have tools in place or you are just starting to develop your strategy, here are a few tips for making sure your mental health initiatives are a success.

Make your move towards greater
employee mental health.

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