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Whether you're making a recommendation for an enterprise client, designing the right program for your team, or trying to provide wellbeing resources to your entire community, we're proud to be able to help a variety of partners who all share our same goal—to help people, communities, and businesses grow and thrive.

Some of the clients we've worked with

Some of the industries we serve

  1. 01 Manufacturing
  2. 02 Health, wellness, & healthcare systems
  3. 03 Insurance carriers
  4. 04 School districts & universities
  5. 05 Oil, gas, & energy
  6. 06 Legal
  7. 07 Governments & municipalities
  8. 08 Financial services & banking
  9. 09 Technology
  10. 10 Construction
  11. 11 Retail
  12. 12 Food
  13. 13 Nonprofits
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For employers:

A robust benefits and wellbeing hub that you and your employees will love

  • Consolidate benefits and resources to make them easier for everyone to use
  • Build a culture that attracts the best talent
  • Meet the benefits needs of today's workforce
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For consultants:

The offering, flexibility, and ease of use that every client deserves

  • Wellbeing programs built around your clients' goals instead the typical off-the-shelf solutions
  • We help you maintain trust and relationships by taking care of your clients as well as you do
  • We're your go-to wellbeing option that works fantastically for any client size or type
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For health systems:

Maximize your positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your staff, patients, and greater community

  • Round out clinical offerings with robust wellbeing resources and programming
  • Integrate with carrier and third party benefits, resources and solutions
  • Raise your profile by providing more resources to your patients and community
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For health plans:

A robust wellbeing platform that also promotes your services

  • Build a one-stop-shop for all of your services and third-party solutions
  • Incentivize utilization of your services with rewards points within the platform
  • Use wellbeing funds to build your platform*

*ask your carrier

Meredith has partnered with Navigate since 2007. Employees and family members have enjoyed forming teams and competing in the challenge to start the New Year in a healthy way. It’s been something we look forward to each year.

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Austin Independent School District

5th largest school district in Texas supports a health-focused culture by evolving their program strategy each year

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