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  • Navigate's People First Podcast: Empowering employee wellbeing through mental health - Special guest Marjorie Morrison

Navigate's People First Podcast: Empowering employee wellbeing through mental health - Special guest Marjorie Morrison

  • Date posted

    May 25, 2023

Where does your head go when you hear about ‘Mental Health Month’? Mindfulness and gratitude, maybe? Self-care and listening more to the people around you, possibly? If that’s the case, you will find kindred spirits here in today’s episode of Navigate’s People First Podcast
You see, May is Mental Health Month, and Troy and Jeremy are eager to celebrate it by shining their spotlight on the world of mental health support in the workplace including the role of technology, the importance of peer-to-peer counseling, and the challenges of navigating the abundance of mental health products.

Special guest Marjorie Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder of Psych Hub, joins in on the celebration to share her many insights as well. Together, she and our hosts explore the need for connecting the dots between employers and employees and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health, and also examine the power of gratitude as a multiplier for good things.

Join our talented trio today as together they draw upon their vast amount of wisdom born out of experience to bring to life this vitally important topic, offer valuable and actionable advice, and uncover more precious secrets toward maintaining a supportive and thriving work environment.

Episode Highlights

Gratitude, mindfulness, and listening

Psych Hub resources

Empowering mental health practitioners

Educating informed consumers

Employer solutions and curated learning journeys


"Listening is the number one thing that we can do to help those around us."

"The better you get in mental health treatment, the less you show up in the total healthcare ecosystem."

"We all really need to be trained on what to do in critical moments when it matters the most."

"Psych Hub has transformed mental health education, bridging the gap between practitioners and informed consumers."

"Mental health can be defined in so many different ways. And one of the things that I love is the gratitude aspect of mental health. It's such a multiplier when it comes to assisting people throughout their day."

"Putting content in front of them that is relevant to their situation means tailoring the experience to them. That's the name of the game - personalization."

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