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  • Navigate's People First Podcast: Welcome to Navigate's People First Podcast - Special guest Leia Spoor

Navigate's People First Podcast: Welcome to Navigate's People First Podcast - Special guest Leia Spoor

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    Mar 23, 2023

Can you really put a price on employee wellbeing? Let’s find out. Welcome to the inaugural episode of Navigate’s People First Podcast.
Tune in as Troy Vincent, Founder and CEO of Navigate Wellbeing Solutions, and Jeremy Knipper, Navigate’s Chief Technology Officer, discuss how to measure the value of employee wellbeing. To help them on their journey is special guest Leia Spoor. Leia is a Senior Clinical Consultant and shareholder at Holmes Murphy and an expert in the employee wellbeing space.

Listen to this premier episode for a few laughs, insights, and takeaways covering the critical role employee wellbeing plays in a healthy, productive workplace–and the undeniable power of putting people first.

Episode highlights:

  • An introduction to Navigate’s People First Podcast
  • The importance of leadership’s commitment to employee wellbeing
  • The evolution of wellbeing programs
  • Barriers that prevent employees from achieving their full potential
  • The role of HR professionals in maintaining an organization's culture
  • The ROI that comes with putting people first
  • Highlighting positive stories happening in the community


"The single best way to maintain your culture and organization is to have strong, dedicated, passionate people, and even more to the point, strong, passionate, dedicated leaders."

"Doing the right thing for the people that work for you has an ROI."

"We need to continue to build tools that help leaders, HR professionals, all the way up to the CEO, understand who works for them on a personal level."

"For me, success is going from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm."

"If somebody asks me, ‘How do I get a leader to buy in at my organization, I'm not sure they're really bought into wellbeing.’ I say, ‘Change jobs,’ because being a leader and having that leadership commitment is essential. It truly is essential."

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