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Centura Health and Navigate promote hospital services with a unique resource hub

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    Feb 01, 2022

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    Centura Health

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The challenge

Centura Health’s 27,000+ mission-centered professionals care for the health of communities throughout Colorado and Kansas. To provide better tools and resources for their employees and for their local communities, Centura Health needed a nimble wellbeing platform and insightful strategic support to help:

  • Provide employees with a holistic wellbeing resource and benefit hub.
  • Reinforce company culture to engage and retain top talent.
  • Increase exposure to select service lines and available resources, particularly mental health and EAP.

Navigate’s support team was absolutely wonderful to work with, very responsive and delivered platform by launch date. BOOM!

Strategies and solutions

Navigate’s dedicated in-house healthcare support team worked with Centura Health on a program specifically tailored to Centura Health’s needs.

  • It is a comprehensive wellbeing hub with holistic tools for Centura Health employees, including videos, challenges, and other mental, physical, and financial wellbeing resources. Program inclusions and incentives are segmented, allowing Centura Health to offer the perfect program to every employee, regardless of role or location.
  • Navigate’s Wellbeing Survey directs employees with a poor score in a given health category to helpful tools, such as mental health and EAP resources, and our bite-sized, customizable pulse surveys provide valuable data for future program planning.
  • There’s support for Centura Health admins, too—real-time, self-serve reports provide up-to-date program data, which can be filtered by audience segment and exported for further use.

The result

Together, Navigate and Centura Health created a program that made a difference—and a particularly impactful difference considering the disruptions of 2020, with more employees than ever becoming aware of, and accessing, Centura Health’s mental health and EAP resources.


client satisfaction


employee click-throughs to mental health and EAP resources in the first eight months of 2021, more than all of 2020 combined!

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