Align engagement and wellbeing to create happier, healthier, and more productive employees

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    Apr 14, 2021

A recent Gallup study found that, for the first time in modern history, employee engagement and wellbeing have diverged—engagement reached an all-time high in June 2020, but employee wellbeing saw a massive 15% drop from pre-pandemic levels. Employees have responded to remote workspaces, worries about COVID-19, and other unexpected change with a surprising increase in engagement—but it’s come at the cost of their personal wellbeing.

Why is this unprecedented trend alarming? Because productivity doesn’t last when it’s coupled with burnout and stress. Instead, it’s vital to align wellbeing and engagement to help your employees and your organization thrive:


of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in January 2021, an 11% increase from 2019.


of employees expect their employer to support work/life balance.


of employees at a company that supports wellbeing are likely to recommend their organization as a good place to work.

Making the wellbeing and engagement connection

Fortunately, there are tangible steps organizations can take to improve the wellbeing of employees and avoid the costs of recruiting and replacing a burned out workforce.

Watch for the warning signs of burnout

Leaders can’t address burnout if they don’t know what it looks like. Train them to:

  • Notice key warning signs, such as increased sick days or unusual negativity.
  • Discuss burnout during team meetings to give team members a voice.
  • Take action to address team member concerns and reinforce your company’s commitment to their wellbeing.

Provide resources to help each individual along their wellbeing journey

61% of employees agree they have made healthier choices because of their company’s wellness program. But to see that kind of impact, the resources need to be right for your employee needs and company culture. That’s why Navigate recently launched our Ecosystem Partnership Program—to provide a wealth of resource options that, combined with our flexible platform, create a tailored solution unique to every client.

This new Ecosystem Partnership Program allows each client to supplement their Navigate resource hub with even more industry-leading virtual resources. Current options include digital fitness from BurnAlong and LES MILLS, mental health resources from Total Brain, a financial concierge service from Your Money Line, and more, with additional partnerships to come. Read our recent press release to learn more.

Use surveys and data to track your employees' wellbeing and create a targeted engagement strategy

It’s easy to say, “choose the right resources for you,” but determining what’s right is more difficult. Use survey tools—such as Navigate’s Wellbeing Survey, Diversity, and Inclusion Survey, and quick-hit Pulse Surveys—to gain a baseline understanding of your audience and to assess their needs on an ongoing basis. Each of our new partners, if selected, also provide a wealth of data you can use to streamline your strategy.

Engagement and wellbeing have never diverged in this way before and realigning them is no simple task. But with the right strategy, resources, and wellbeing provider, organizations can maintain productivity without risking burnout among their most valuable contributors.

To learn more about the intersection of wellbeing and engagement, or the benefits of the Navigate’s Ecosystem Partnership Program, book a demo with Navigate’s business development team.


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