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Navigate Total Health™

What is Total Health?

A personalized, holistic approach to wellbeing, risk management, and a culture of care that will make your team and your business healthier – now and in the future.

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How it works

  • Navigate's Total Health Survey gathers data on lifestyle, medical and family history, biometrics, and personal goals.

  • Users receive a personalized plan that includes video learning courses, health coaching, group and personal challenges, while also imbedding the benefits your company already offers.

  • Total Health captures the metrics on how well your organization is doing—and how you’re able to reduce users' risk factors and lower your own costs in the process.

A wellbeing tracker challenges, educational resources, social engagement, events calendar, resource hub, and rewards.

  • Progress measurement
  • Video learning
  • Health coaching
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Group and personal challenges
  • Promotion of your own benefit programs

Create a culture of care for your people as you manage costs and deliver value on your investment.

  • Track participation, program progress, challenges, device utilization, and more
  • Monitor organization-wide biometric risk trends
  • Review real-time engagement rates 24/7
  • Deliver regular pulse surveys – how is your team feeling today
  • Use data to understand your team’s overall performance within each of Navigate’s 8 Pillars of Wellbeing: balance, community, financial, mindfulness, nutrition, physical, purpose, and social

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