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  • Navigate's People First Podcast: The role of data in employee wellbeing - Navigate Summit special episode

Navigate's People First Podcast: The role of data in employee wellbeing - Navigate Summit special episode

  • Date posted

    Jul 27, 2023

For anyone who was unable to attend the 2023 Navigate Summit – and anyone who would like to relive one of its many entertaining and informative sessions – you’re in for a very special treat.
One highlight of Summit was a panel featuring our usual hosts, Troy and Jeremy, as well as Navigate Vice President of Operations, Jim Barclay. Today’s episode brings this meeting of the minds directly to you.

From using data for good to the art of real conversations, this trio reveals the secrets to building a comprehensive and personalized approach to employee wellbeing. And it wouldn’t be Navigate without a few callbacks to the magic of Top Gun, marshmallow roasting, and, of course, the great pillow debate.

You don’t want to miss out on the delightful blend of information, wisdom, and humor that leads you to enjoy a happier, healthier workplace.

Episode Highlights

  • The magic of data-driven wellbeing programs
  • The power of using data for good and empowering employees through authentic conversations
  • The significance of data and how to put it into action effectively
  • Personalization strategies to meet individual employee needs and create a positive impact
  • Practical tips for starting a wellbeing program, building trust, and achieving incremental growth


"Data doesn't care, but we do. It's our job to use data for understanding and action."

"Numbers don't have feelings, but they can give you great insight."

"Start small, get people to their doctor, create a relationship with the doctor. Take that one degree, one percent, have achievable goals. Incremental growth is crucial to success."

"Using data for good, being a great aggregator, and focusing on where people need to go is the trend we're following to make a meaningful impact."

"Data is the flashlight in the dark. Without it, we have no idea where we're going!”

"Our role is to provide actionable intel to the Ops team. We're the battery in the flashlight."

"We want to dig in with you and not just give you a point solution. We want to drive people to what they really need."

"People are thirsty for mentorship. We can help them do that."

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