The Manatt's Family of Businesses

The carrot vs the stick: Manatt’s Family of Businesses increases meaningful employee engagement

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    The Manatt's Family of Businesses

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    Jan 10, 2024

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    The Manatt's Family of Businesses

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    Four years

Manatt's Inc. emerged as a cornerstone of the Midwest, evolving from a modest trucking firm into Iowa's largest concrete producer. With a diverse workforce ranging from office staff to field workers like truck drivers and mechanics, Manatt's faced the challenge of engaging a traditionally less-involved workforce and overcoming negative perceptions of corporate wellbeing.

To overcome this challenge, Manatt's looked for a wellbeing provider who could understand their unique vision and culture and create a tailored strategy. The solution involved providing personalized and strategic support through dedicated account managers who were knowledgeable about the industry, employees, and organizational objectives. Along with a versatile platform, this resulted in a customized wellbeing experience and holistic approach that met the specific goals of each client.

Discover how Manatt’s and Navigate collaborated to craft a solution that perfectly matched the organization's needs and supported the health and happiness of their employees.

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