Manatt’s Family of Businesses

How a 70-year-old construction company is working to keep their diverse workforce engaged and healthy

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    Manatt’s Family of Businesses

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    Mar 30, 2021

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The challenge

The Manatt’s Family of Businesses is a diversified family of companies involved in ready mix concrete, trucking, heavy highway construction, and aggregates. They set out to create a wellbeing program that would effectively engage all segments of their employee population, from on-site operations teams to in-office staff to leadership. They wanted a solution that supported their core business values, Family, Excellence, and Human Potential stating, “We share a faithful commitment to each other, we are great on purpose, and we aspire to be the best version of ourselves.”

Strategies and solutions

To accomplish this, Navigate’s account management team worked closely with the Manatt’s team to understand their unique needs and goals, developing a program that would benefit all employees across the companies, in addition to developing tailored communications tools that promoted the program to each group.

  1. Using Effective Channels of Communication
    To spread the program’s message to on-site operations staff as well as the office employees, custom communication materials included a mix of digital and print items, including a program launch postcard and a mid-year engagement/reward reminder mailing.

    “We offer tailored communication packages as part of our core solution, but we also get excited about the opportunity to do custom work for clients who need it—for Manatt’s, this included developing their wellness brand logo, writing custom copy to reflect their unique wellbeing mission, and sending visually engaging postcards to communicate to employees who aren’t in front of a computer all day,” said Erin Young, Graphic Designer at Navigate.

  2. Building Meaningful Incentive Programs
    Employee uniqueness was also incorporated into the program’s structure, to encourage each participant along their personal, unique wellbeing journey. To this end, employees could earn their incentive through completion of any activities offered, allowing them to focus on the tools, resources, and health topics that benefited and interested them the most.

  3. The program structure and strategy also encouraged ongoing involvement—through our customizable incentive tracking table, multiple reward thresholds offered a greater prize for completing more and more healthy activities, promoting year-round engagement and wellbeing improvement.


Custom communication offerings and flexible technology are just a couple of ways Navigate helps clients. Beyond the basics of program delivery, our hands-on approach strives to truly understand each client’s needs and goals—and to deliver the solution that is right for that client. For the Manatt’s Family of Businesses, this difference in approach was clear.

We recently did a reset with our wellbeing program and all the other vendors we talked to about their tools, their toolbox, ‘this is what we can give you.’ And Navigate was the first of those companies to actually ask us, ‘what do you want?’

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