TX Health Benefits Pool

Caring for the caretakers: How a health benefits provider created a wellbeing program that could evolve with their employees’ changing needs

  • Company

    TX Health Benefits Pool

  • Date posted

    Jan 01, 2022

  • Industry

    Healthcare benefits

  • Company size

    23,000+ employees and spouses

  • Length of relationship

    Three years

The challenge

TX Health Benefits Pool employees work hard to provide quality healthcare benefits for employees and families. The company’s leadership wanted to make sure those same employees were able to take care of themselves, as well. So, they sought a wellbeing partner to help them build an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use tool flexible enough to deliver tailored solutions that addressed their employees’ immediate health needs while also capable of evolving with their changing circumstances.

Strategies and solutions

Navigate’s account support worked closely with TX Health Benefits Pool to develop a strategy that would make an immediate impact, but also continue to evolve and adapt to audience needs year-over-year. Using our flexible, scalable platform, each year’s program strategy enhanced what came before:

Year 1: Creating unique wellness pathways

The program launched with a unique incentive structure that, upon enrollment, allowed each employee to choose one of multiple pathways to earn rewards based on the employee’s own personal health challenges or goals.

This holistic approach was complemented by the tools and resources on the site, which offer support in each area of Navigate’s 8 Pillars of Wellbeing: balance, community, financial, mindfulness, nutrition, physical, purpose, and social. TX Health Benefits Pool employees can access these resources in the form of group and personal challenges, videos, recipes, articles, and more.

Year 2: Creating participant-friendly updates and adding more incentive options

During year two of the program, Navigate worked with TX Health Benefits Pool to continue to customize each employee’s dashboard to show instant snapshots of the progress they’d made toward their goals. In addition, Navigate also worked with TX Health Benefits Pool to add variety to their library of personal wellbeing challenges, giving each employee options that would best meet them where they were on their own wellbeing journey—helping them achieve their goals.

Year 3: Responding to COVID-19

To help employees address a stressful and changing situation, TX Health Benefits Pool leadership expanded platform resources, a change that included Navigate’s video learning courses. These engaging and educational videos cover a wide variety of wellbeing topics and include numerous mental health modules from our partner Psych Hub.

I love that our account manager listens to us as we think outside of the box to meet our population’s needs. Navigate takes a holistic approach to developing challenges for everyone.


Navigate and TX Health Benefits Pool’s partnership has resulted in a successful program, with more than 7,000 active employees and spouses participating. TX Health Benefits Pool’s creative approach to building a tailored program demonstrates the power of a thoughtful wellbeing strategy, supporting employees with a combination of careful planning and technology flexible enough to adapt to unexpected needs.

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