Show employees the “why”: Purpose-driven cultures are here to stay

  • Date posted

    Jul 08, 2022

Employees everywhere are increasingly disengaged, and companies are struggling to motivate and retain their best. This problem hasn’t gone unnoticed:

71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success, but a whopping 85% of worldwide employees fall in the “not engaged or actively disengaged” category.

Changing workforce demographics and the events of the past few years have raised employee expectations. Clocking in and clocking out is no longer enough, and people increasingly seek out companies that help them feel purpose within their own lives.

But you can be the purpose-guided company today’s employees are looking for—and your wellbeing program can help. How? By offering what employees are asking for—holistic resources, genuine leadership, and flexible work arrangements that support their work-life balance.

Host holistic resources

Comprehensive benefits meet employees wherever they are on their wellbeing journey and demonstrate that you care, which has a tangible impact on your business.

Show genuine leadership

Your company’s support for employee purpose and wellbeing will ring hollow if it isn’t backed up by your leadership team.

Be flexible

The past two years ushered in a new age of flexible work policies, and those new arrangements aren’t going away anytime soon.

Navigate’s platform is designed to meet these needs—we have leadership learning modules, holistic online resources for employees, surveys that help you understand your audience, and reporting that proves you’re making a difference in real-time.

Beyond personal tools, year-round DEI is a must

Offering robust personal resources helps, but to truly break through disengagement, it’s vital to showcase your company culture and values by helping employees connect with causes they care about.

Navigate can help here, too. Through our platform’s customizable incentive tracking table, targeted communication features, and event scheduling tool, we promote everything you do to help others—volunteer opportunities, community giveback events, benefits for diverse employees, and other culture-based initiatives.

Wellbeing programs help build purpose-driven employees—and our experts are here to help. Reach out to learn more.

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