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    Mar 11, 2024

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    Nigel Frye, Customer Success Manager, Findhelp

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In today's rapidly evolving workplace landscape, the wellbeing of employees has taken center stage. There's a growing recognition that supporting employees' holistic needs (beyond traditional benefits like insurance and 401(k)s) is crucial for fostering a healthy, thriving, and productive workforce.

But how can employers discern when their employees require support beyond the basics? Through awareness campaigns that normalize discussions around seeking assistance, organizations can create environments where employees feel comfortable prioritizing their wellbeing. At some point, almost everyone will face challenges that require them to ask for help. By breaking the stigma surrounding the use of social care resources, you will foster a supportive and loyal workplace culture.

Identifying employees' needs is the first step, but finding quality resources to address those needs can be daunting. Enter Findhelp – the software company leading the modernization of the social safety net.

Our online closed-loop referral platform connects individuals with vital resources to address the social determinants of health (SDoH). We enable community organizations, governments, and businesses across industries to easily manage and coordinate care, from screening and closed-loop referrals to outcomes tracking and actionable health equity insights.

At its core, Findhelp's mission is to connect all people in need and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease. Users simply enter their ZIP Code to search and connect directly to the thousands of free and reduced-cost programs that serve their local area. Beyond these resource connections, users can save and share programs with clients, family, friends, and neighbors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the scale of SDoH needs, particularly in areas related to nutrition and food security, became increasingly evident. From 2020 through 2023, across the Findhelp platform, 20% of all searches were food-related, as were three of the top 10 search terms: food pantry (1), food delivery (8), and emergency food (9). These searches took place nationwide, with the highest rates in New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Orlando, and Indianapolis. Almost 70,000 programs on the Findhelp network provide food-related services across the country.

Influenced by economic events and generational shifts, employer-sponsored SDoH support is evolving. Recent economic downturns have underscored the importance of robust support systems to build resilience, while younger generations entering the workforce prioritize companies that demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and employee wellbeing.

Findhelp's platform serves as a beacon of hope for people in need, bridging the gap between individuals and essential resources. Designed to be intuitive and easy, your employees can use the Findhelp platform to self-navigate, or you can make referrals on their behalf. Organizations can create a branded version of the platform to promote it to employees via internal newsletters, break room posters, awareness campaigns, and more. By leveraging technology and data insights, Findhelp empowers organizations to nurture their employees' holistic wellbeing, driving productivity, satisfaction, and success.

Access available for your wellbeing platform

Navigate is proud to partner with Findhelp, the leading social care network in America, to provide our clients with a new and inspiring feature on their employee wellbeing platform. By adding the Findhelp search bar to their home page, employees can easily find free or low-cost services in areas such as food insecurity, housing, financial support, health resources, and more. With over 608,400 services available, our clients can rest assured that Navigate and Findhelp are here to support them every step of the way.

Numbers can be a powerful tool for creating positive change through the help that we provide.

Statistics on Findhelp usage by clients of Navigate.


clients utilizing


unique users


search sessions


total searches


interactions seeking more info


contacts for scheduling an appointment, calling a number, etc.

Top five categories for searches

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Money
  • Goods

Top search terms

  • Food pantry
  • Help pay for gas
  • Nutrition educations
  • Help pay for utilities
  • Help pay for car
  • Food delivery/meals
  • Individual counseling
  • Financial aid + loans
  • Emergency food
  • Bus passes

What’s the cost?

Adding the findhelp widget to your employees’ platform is completely free. There is no cost associated with using the findhelp network and they never sell user data.

How do I add the findhelp search to my platform?

It’s as simple as flipping a switch. Contact your account manager to discuss adding this feature to your existing platform.

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