Making your job easier: What it’s like to work with a holistic wellbeing solution

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    Aug 01, 2022

Maybe you already have a wellbeing partner but are not completely happy with your vendor. Or maybe you’ve considered starting a wellbeing program but are worried about the extra burden on your admin team.
Whatever the situation, we thought it might be helpful to share what it’s like to work with Navigate, what kind of resources and support you can expect (quite a lot!), and how you can meet your unique goals with one flexible solution.

Our philosophy: Making it easy for you

As a wellbeing partner, we believe it’s our job to adapt to your strategy—not the other way around. By configuring to your needs, we help create a wellbeing program that’s the right fit for you and your people. And as your needs change over time, so can your platform. Whether it's a nimble starter program or a robust, comprehensive solution (like our new Total Health plan), we're here to meet each of your needs.

Our organization's program has lots of details and quirks, and we had multiple questions throughout the process. Our Navigate account manager and team were fantastic and always responsive to our requests.

In addition to top-notch configurability, our responsive, above-and-beyond service model is designed to lighten your load as much as possible. Freeing you up to focus on other responsibilities. We don’t leave clients hanging after launch—we set regular touch-points to ensure we’re meeting each need and reducing workload while we’re at it.

To make the experience even better, each client is assigned a dedicated account manager. That account manager is in turn supported by a team, so they can perform as a helpful, primary contact during the implementation process and beyond. Have a question or looking for tips on how to make the most of your program? They've got your back.

Our account rep was terrific to work with ... Compared to our previous wellness provider, Navigate is a much more well-rounded program, and we get much better service for our employees. It has helped reduce my workload as I feel confident directing our employees to contact Navigate's customer service department for assistance, which frees up my time to work on other projects.

Strategic partnership and support, every step of the way

Our industry-leading support is much bigger than our stellar customer service department—it’s our entire approach. Simply put, we are here to help you. We are your strategic partners, responsive problem-solvers, and close teammates. We care about your program and its success as much as you do.

When you kick off a program with us, we're in your corner every step of the way. Here's a little more about what you can expect.

Discovery & kickoff

We listen and learn about your needs, values, and goals. We seek to understand your benefits ecosystem and culture. Taking all that into consideration, we help you create new efficiencies and explore bigger possibilities.

Portal & program design

Through thoughtful collaboration with you and your team, we work together to build exactly the right strategy and program for your population today and set you on a path towards where you want to be tomorrow.

Marketing & communications

Employees won't use resources they're not aware of. That's why we set your program up for success with custom communication materials to promote your new and existing resources.

Review, testing, & sign-off

Together, we run through a demo of your platform and finalize any details to make sure it’s everything it needs to be.

Administrative training

We teach you how to use the dashboard to pull real-time data and analytics, so you’ll feel well-trained and ready to go. But don't worry, should you have any questions our team is waiting in the wings with support at the ready.

Go live

At launch, we’re in close contact to answer any questions you or your employees have, and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ongoing support

We continue to build and adapt your program with you, and our in-house customer service team is on call to help participants with any questions or issues.

Final thoughts

You deserve more than just another vendor. When we meet with you, we're signing up for a partnership that goes beyond implementation.


client retention rate


Net promoter score (NPS)

With a 93% year-over-year client retention rate and an average month over month NPS of 72, we'd like to think we're doing something right. How can we help you meet your health and wellbeing goals?

Spark a conversation with one of our experts for additional details, or book a demo for a look inside the Navigate platform.

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