Navigating yourself - how understanding yourself can improve your wellbeing

  • Date posted

    May 01, 2024

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Our relationships play a vital role in our emotional health. Strong social connections with friends, family, and the community can significantly improve our emotional wellbeing. To support this, Navigate has launched NavigateYOU, powered by PrinciplesYou. This personality assessment is designed to enhance employee wellbeing and inclusion through in-depth personality archetypes and reports. These insights are instrumental in shaping an organization's culture and deepening employee understanding.

What is NavigateYOU?

NavigateYOU, powered by PrinciplesYou, is the first assessment to be fully integrated into an employee wellbeing program. It helps users gain a deeper understanding of their personality preferences and how each preference affects their behavior in various aspects of life, such as work, family, or friendships. This comprehensive report enables employees to improve their self-awareness and, as a result, enhance their collaboration skills in both personal and professional relationships.

Conflicts often arise from differing worldviews and communication styles, both personally and professionally. NavigateYOU provides managers with the necessary tools to promote collaboration, teamwork, and supportive communication. This approach not only enhances team collaboration but also fosters a workplace environment centered on mental health, inclusion, understanding, and belonging for all employees.

How can NavigateYOU help me professionally and personally?

NavigateYOU serves as an invaluable resource for exploring personality preferences and overall wellbeing. Understanding our cognitive tendencies, interpersonal engagement, and self-motivation allows us to discern what energizes us and what drains us. This self-awareness is pivotal in prioritizing nutrition, physical activity, and financial planning to overcome obstacles hindering our wellbeing.

Delving into our inner workings helps us identify why we struggle to ignore that last email in our inbox or how social situations can either uplift or burden us. This newfound self-awareness enables us to prioritize our wellbeing and find ways to overcome the challenges that have held us back. By embracing these preferences, we can embark on a deeper wellbeing journey. When we are more engaged, we become better co-workers, partners, parents, and ultimately, better versions of ourselves.

As a leader, it's crucial to recognize that a healthier you leads to a healthier team. This can be achieved by managing work according to employee preferences, guiding others towards self-realization, and cultivating a healthier workforce. Just as you're advised to put on your own oxygen mask first during a flight, prioritizing your own wellbeing is essential to effective leadership.

NavigateYOU and Personal Experience

Kinzy Gillespie, Navigate's brand experience specialist, shares her insights from using NavigateYOU both professionally and personally. The assessment has been pivotal in identifying and understanding her personality type, shedding new light on how these unique traits contribute to personal and professional growth.

Kinzy's experience

According to NavigateYOU, I am most like The Entertainer, something that came of no surprise to me or my team. As I read through my “talents” it was like reading a checklist of adjectives that have been used to describe me my whole life: extraverted, social, engaging, outgoing, etc.

On the flip side, reading through my growth needs had me clenching my teeth as the cold-hard truth smacked me right in the face. Don’t dismiss things that need to be taken seriously or the people who take them seriously, learn to “share the stage” with others, build a sense of self that doesn’t rely on the connection and attention from others, and worst of all... find comfort in alone time and allow time for personal reflection. I can think of nothing worse than being left alone with my own thoughts and I've spent years avoiding exactly that.

It can be hard to look inward and identify growth opportunities, so having a tool like NavigateYOU that can help identify those areas for improvement is a great first step on the path to becoming a more self-aware version of ourselves. Once we’re able to identify, admit, and accept our opportunities for growth, we can start to put in the work and make a conscious effort to focus on those areas—both personally and professionally.

How can I understand how to use NavigateYOU in the workplace?

NavigateYOU-facilitated team workshops offer a safe space to explore assessment results. These workshops guide individuals in self-exploration and discovery, enabling them to identify their traits and apply these skills in collaboration with others. The tool assists teams in development, communication improvement, conflict resolution, and even extends to cross-functional teams and clients.

A client stated, “the highlight for me was experiencing the NavigateYOU assessment with my team. The tool truly helped our team reach a higher level of understanding and appreciation for our peers. The positive impact that the session has had on our communication and collaboration was almost immediate and we were able to build upon this foundation for the remainder of our time together.”

Support for NavigateYOU can continue on individual, team, or organizational levels. Certified NavigateYou coach, Amy Boyce, offers 1:1 coaching sessions to delve into report details, develop a deeper understanding, and create actionable steps based on newfound self-awareness. Building on this foundation, teams often find the tool valuable for understanding interpersonal relationships, optimizing work preferences, and maximizing the insights provided by the assessment.

Understanding yourself improves your mental health

Adopting a holistic approach to wellbeing involves recognizing that our overall health and wellbeing go beyond physical fitness by cultivating emotional and spiritual wellness to improve our mental wellbeing. Understanding our personality is a crucial part of this process. By gaining insight into our own unique strengths and weaknesses, we can work towards improving our overall wellbeing. This includes developing greater self-awareness, building healthier relationships, and finding greater meaning and purpose in our lives. By nurturing our whole selves, we can find a path to a more fulfilling and meaningful life where we can foster a sense of balance, harmony, and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. Connect with us to learn how to add NavigateYOU to your wellbeing platform.

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