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  • Healthtech company Navigate Wellbeing provides free mental health resources, expands operations

Healthtech company Navigate Wellbeing provides free mental health resources, expands operations

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    Sep 22, 2020

Navigate Wellbeing, a wellness technology platform, is growing while prioritizing mental health and providing free resources during COVID-19.

DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/: Navigate Wellbeing Solutions (Navigate)—a national provider of technology-enabled wellbeing engagement solutions for organizations—is growing as employers embrace the mental health of their employees during COVID-19. In response to the wellbeing challenges people are facing due to COVID-19, Navigate is sharing tools and content from their platform with human resources professionals and offering all people access to a 10-speaker series for free.

For more than 10 years, Navigate has assisted organizations by connecting their business goals, purpose, mission and values with wellbeing opportunities for employees. The Navigate platform is structured around the Power of 8 philosophy, focusing on eight key pillars of wellbeing: purpose, physical fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, social, balance, financial and community. The program aims to improve the overall wellbeing of employees and ties into business goals surrounding productivity, retention, engagement and culture.

Our focus is on connecting with the people we serve and engaging them in healthy journey that provides the right resources at the right time. We have also been glad to see an interest from our clients in embracing more programming to assist with isolation, anxiety and stress. If there is a positive that comes from this situation, it is the velocity of organizations prioritizing the mental health of their employees and their families.

The online program is configurable and therefore cost-effective for organizations of nearly any size. The program includes:

  • An incentive tracker for tracking progress
  • Wellbeing surveys to guide users to a holistic approach
  • Biometric data for a review of up to five years of health history
  • A recipe library and meal planner
  • Videos and articles across the eight pillars
  • Health-behavior syncing and tracking
  • An app that fully integrates with the online program
  • Integration with third-party resources
  • A rewards mall

2020 has brought its own challenges to wellbeing. There has been an increase in insurance claims pertaining to depression and anxiety. COVID-19 has also brought unprecedented challenges for HR professionals. Working first-hand with so many in HR, Navigate saw a need to help those in charge of employee wellbeing with their own wellbeing.

In response, the company has organized a virtual speaker series. Each of the 10 sessions is free. Many of the expert speakers are also contributors to content found throughout the Navigate platform. In addition, Navigate has created Project Care, a suite of resources that includes free virtual care packages, additional client resources, and care insights around currently relevant topics.

Wellbeing is always important, but arguably this year it is more important than ever. We're doing everything we can to invest in the wellbeing of cities, schools, health systems and everyone using Navigate. We are very fortunate that we are expanding during these times.

Navigate is an agile platform, able to pivot quickly based on customers' needs and external circumstances like COVID-19.

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