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  • Navigate launches their Women’s Health Initiative—Fighting the gender gap and improving equity in the workplace

Navigate launches their Women’s Health Initiative—Fighting the gender gap and improving equity in the workplace

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    Mar 31, 2022

Navigate Wellbeing Solutions (Navigate), a well-tech company based in Des Moines, IA, announced the launch of their new Women’s Health Initiative, a program designed by women for women to encourage inclusive and impactful benefits, programs, tools, and resources for all women at every stage of life.

“The Women’s Health Initiative makes me proud,” said Laura Moore an Implementation Specialist at Navigate. “The fight for equality, especially in healthcare and education, is ongoing—but initiatives like this can provide an avenue for research and advocacy to better support the women in our lives.”

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially women—and even more so women of color. Supporting women’s health is a priority at Navigate. That's why the Women’s Health Initiative is on a mission to develop tailored programming to meet the needs of every working woman—no matter what stage of life they’re in. From the first day at their first job to planning for retirement and all the questions in between.

“I joined the Women’s Health Initiative because there is a lack of information readily available for women to access about their health. Women often put the wellbeing of others before their own, but I believe that is shifting,” said Lindsey Loftsgard an Account Manager at Navigate.

Still in its early phases, the Women’s Health Initiative consists of nearly a dozen Navigate employees, including Navigate Vice President of People and Culture, Christy Smith and Vice President of Marketing, Meg Whitty.

“Women have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic, and our Women’s Health Initiative is our way of addressing that. We are doing everything from supporting local and national nonprofits that address women’s issues, to partnering with women in our community whose stories and voices we want to amplify and share, to ensuring that women have the resources and benefits they need most,” said Whitty.

The initiative has three key core components—an Ambassador Program, a Resources and Events Program, and a Give Back Program. These three programs represent the initiative's work to:

  1. Support and champion women
  2. Provide resources to women across the workforce
  3. Give back to organizations doing good things in their communities

For me, the Women's Health Initiative is a way to help make this world a bit better for my three daughters. I want them, and all girls and women, to know that they matter, that they have a voice, and that they are strong.

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