Boost employee wellbeing—and business results

With our multi-tiered solutions (like Navigate Total Heath) we take personalization seriously. That allows us to take a flexible approach to your clients’ unique business needs—helping them achieve goals unique to their populations like…

Strengthening your clients’ bottom line through wellbeing

  • Decreasing $0 claimants and getting members to their physician

  • Attracting and retaining top-notch talent with a people-first culture

  • Raising awareness of existing benefits with personalized communications

  • Most companies agree that employee wellbeing is a top priority. The challenge is how to manage and track programs and initiate employee engagement. Navigate has solved this question for Austin ISD … It truly is a wellbeing HUB that fully encompasses all aspects of the wellbeing spectrum. Navigate meets you at a personal level, makes the work fun, and always responds promptly. As a big organization, we work with 100s of vendors. Navigate is consistently a favorite!

  • Navigate is customizable to fit your needs. As a large employer, we have a diverse population with a variety of wants and needs. Navigate allows me to design a wellness program with plenty of variety for everyone.

  • I had a great experience when building our company website through Navigate. Navigate provides excellent customer service. Navigate is a great website and our employees are very appreciative.

  • The programs are informative and reach all levels of an individuals wellbeing journey.

  • Our institution appreciates the customer service and personal touch that Navigate offers. The Wellness website is easy to use, customizable to our needs and intuitive.

  • We recently did a reset with our wellbeing program and all the other vendors we spoke with talked about their tools, their toolbox, ‘this is what we can give you.’ And Navigate was the first of those companies to actually ask us, ‘What do you want?’

  • They are so refreshing. It’s easy. Everything with them is kind of like a breath of fresh air.

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