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Spark meaningful engagement and lasting behavior change for your employees, physicians, and hospital volunteers with Navigate’s Resource Hub.

Open the door to all things wellbeing—all in one place.

  • Drive daily interactions

  • Activate community members

  • Enjoy an all-in-one hub to personalized wellbeing

  • Navigate Wellbeing Solutions not only creates the optimal journey for the employee they also think about the organizational journey as a whole. The thoughtfulness their entire team has for customers is incredibly rare in our industry … Navigate does GREAT things for employers, employees, and communities as a whole; it is always an honor to partner with them to make an impact on the world one human at a time.

  • I love that our account manager allows and listens to us as we think outside of the box to meet our population's needs. Navigate takes a holistic approach to developing challenges for everyone.

  • The addition of the Navigate program to Hillsborough County’s Well4Life offerings proved to be much more successful than the original goal. Engagement in our population’s challenges increased by 150% and our employees find value in doing personal challenges, as well as using the other resources available on the site. Navigate is the perfect complement to our program.

  • It’s not just about wellness programs or about what Navigate does. But it’s about things that I can take back as an HR leader to my employees, to my associates overall, about improving their own lives.

  • We recently did a reset with our wellbeing program and all the other vendors we spoke with talked about their tools, their toolbox, ‘this is what we can give you.’ And Navigate was the first of those companies to actually ask us, ‘What do you want?’

  • They are so refreshing. It’s easy. Everything with them is kind of like a breath of fresh air.

  • Through the Navigate platform, employees are able to be as engaged as they want to be. Austin Independent School District employees use technology to sync devices, document community engagement, participate in group and individual activities, and integrate to other company educational strategies. It truly is a wellbeing hub that fully encompasses all aspects of wellbeing.

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